ELD Publications

Report for the Private Sector (EN) (FR)

Title: Report for the Private Sector. Sustainable land management - A business opportunity

Publication: July 2016

ELD Practitioner's Guide 2015 (EN) (FR)

Title: Practitioner's Guide 'Pathways and Options for Action and Stakeholder Engagement'

Publication: October 2015

The Economics of Land Degradation in Africa (EN) (FR)

Title: The Economics of Land Degradation in Africa - Benefits of Action Outweigh the Costs. A complementary report to the ELD Initiative

Publication: ELD & UNEP - October 2015

The Value of Land (EN) (FR)

Title: The Value of Land - Prosperous lands & positive rewards through sustainable land management

Publication: September 2015

Summary (EN) (FR)

ELD scenarios by country

Report for policy and decision makers (EN) (FR)

Title: Reaping economic and environmental benefits from sustainable land management 

Publication: September 2015

Summary (EN) (FR)




ELD User Guide (EN) (FR) (AR)

Title: A 6+1 step approach to assess the economics of land management

Publication: July 2015

Summary: This document serves as an instructional and guiding text for stakeholders interested in performing cost-benefit analyses for sustainable land management options using the ELD Initiative supported approach, and includes examples from the initiative and its partners to demonstrate how each part of the process functions practically. 


ELD Practitioner's Guide 2014 (EN) (FR) (RU) (TR) (HI) (AR)

Title: Practitioner's Guide 'The Economics of Land Degradation'

Publication: December 2014



An ELD Assessment

Title: Land Degradation - Less Favored Lands and the Rural Poor: A Spatial and Economic Analysis

Publication: September 2014

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ELD Scientific Interim Report

Title: The rewards of investing in sustainable land management 

Publication: September 2013


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ELD Business Brief 

Title: OPPORTUNITY LOST: Mitigating risk and making the most of your land assets.

Publication: June 2013

Summary: An assessment of the exposure of business to land degradation risk and the opportunities inherent in sustainable land management.

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ELD Initiative - Brochure (EN) (FR)

Title: A Global Initiative for sustainable land management 

Publication: April 2013


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