ELD Publications

ELD Initiative - Brochure (EN) (FR)

Title: A Global Initiative for sustainable land management


This brochure provides a short overview of the current trend of land degradation and a comprehensive summary of the ELD Initiative, including its mission, vision and successes.

Publication: April 2013




The Economics of Land Degradation Neutrality in Asia

Title: The Economics of Land Degradation Neutrality in Asia - Empirical Analyses and Policy Implications for the Sustainable Development Goals


The report highlights the cost of land degradation and what economic benefits are generated through investments in sustainable land management. It aims at assessing the policy implications of achieving SDG 15.3 on achieving other SGDs, in particular economic growth, rural employment, poverty reduction and food security.

Publication: ELD & UNEP - March 2018

Full Report



ELD Fact Sheet on Africa (EN) (FR)

Title: The costs of land degradation and benefits of sustainable land management in Africa


This fact sheet summarizes the results of the report "The Economics of Land Degradation in Africa - Benefits of Action Outweigh the Costs. A complementary report to the ELD Initiative" published by the ELD Initiative in close cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme. Furthermore, it gives a comprehensive overview of the case studies conducted by the ELD Initiative and its partners in Africa.

Publication: October 2017


Report for the Private Sector (EN) (FR)

Title: Report for the Private Sector. Sustainable land management - A business opportunity


In this report, the ELD Initiative outlines the benefits for the private sector to invest in sustainable land management and provides pathways for larger, medium and small enterprises to profit from the potential benefits.

Publication: July 2016


ELD Practitioner's Guide 2015 (EN) (FR)

Title: Practitioner's Guide 'Pathways and Options for Action and Stakeholder Engagement'


The Practitioner's Guide 2015 has been developed to facilitate engagement between stakeholders in identifying pathways to action that can help tackling and adapting to the challenges of land degradation on the ground. It is based on materials of the ELD Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC)

Publication: October 2015

The Economics of Land Degradation in Africa (EN) (FR)

Title: The Economics of Land Degradation in Africa - Benefits of Action Outweigh the Costs. A complementary report to the ELD Initiative


This report views regional data on the economic costs of soil erosion related to land degradation in Africa and it analyses the costs and benefits of taking action against soil-erosion-induced nutrient losses on arable lands.

Publication: ELD & UNEP - October 2015

The Value of Land (EN) (FR)

Title: The Value of Land - Prosperous lands & positive rewards through sustainable land management


The Value of Land introduces the ELD Initiative and its 6+1 approach, highlighting the importance of valuing ecosystem services, the potential of sustainable land management to mitigate land degradation as well as pathways for stakeholders' engagement and perspectives.

Publication: September 2015

Summary (English) (French)

ELD scenarios by country

Report for policy and decision makers (EN) (FR)

Title: Reaping economic and environmental benefits from sustainable land management


This ELD report presents tools for policy and decision-makers to promote and secure future wealth and human-wellbeing through practices of sustainable land management and demonstrates how those can contribute to society's well-being at all scales within a short period of time.

Publication: September 2015

Summary (English) (French)

ELD User Guide (EN) (FR) (AR)

Title: A 6+1 step approach to assess the economics of land management


This document serves as an instructional and guiding text for stakeholders interested in performing cost-benefits analyses for sustainable land management options using the ELD Initiative 6+1 approach, including examples from the initiative and its partners to demonstrate each part of the process

Publication: July 2015


ELD Practitioner's Guide 2014 (EN) (FR) (RU) (TR) (HI) (AR)

Title: Practitioner's Guide 'The Economics of Land Degradation'


This guide reaches out to provide decision-makers, among others managers, NGOs and farmers, with the required skills to make an economic case preventing or reversing land degradation and to adopt more sustainable land management pracitces.

Publication: December 2014

ELD Assessment (EN)

Title: Land Degradation - Less Favored Lands and the Rural Poor: A Spatial and Economic Analysis


This study addresses the determination of the spatial distribtuion of the global rural population on less favored agricultural land and areas as well as on degrading and improving land. Additionally it looks at how these distributions affect poverty in developing countries.

Publication: September 2014


ELD Scientific Interim Report (EN)

Title: The rewards of investing in sustainable land management


This interim report is a reflection of scientific work that has been synthesized and analysed building on earlier studies and ELD contributions in the context of the work of UNCCD

Publication: September 2013


ELD Business Brief (EN)

Title: OPPORTUNITY LOST: Mitigating risk and making the most of your land assets


The ELD Business Brief evaluates the risk of land degradation for various industry sectors and discusses the impacts of land degradation on businesses. Additionally, the document highlights a number of successful business cases turning land degradation into business opportunities.

Publication: June 2013


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