Capacity Development

In 2016 and beyond, the focus of the ELD Initiative will shift more towards capacity-building at different scales, disseminating ELD findings, and implementing lessons learned from the previous research-intensive phase. More specifically, it will break down the on-going work and perspectives of the ELD Initiative to the regional, national, and sub-national levels, linking sound scientific results with policy dialogues and provide tailored solutions and advice. This is expected to provide practical and implementable sustainable land management strategies that are based on robust and relevant economic valuations

To ensure that partners and stakeholders have sufficient capacity to conduct and implement activities around the economics of land degradation, the Initiative will continue to conduct training workshops and awareness raising programmes in close cooperation with national and international partners. This will take place in consideration of the specific needs and demands of individual countries, and will be explored through identified key partners and institutions. Ultimately, the goal is to create enough capacity and understanding of the ELD methodology that further valuations and studies can be undertaken independently of the ELD Initiative.

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