ELD Secretariat

Mark Schauer

Mark Schauer is the Coordinator for the ELD Initiative’s Secretariat at GIZ, responsible for the overall coordination of the ELD project. Before Mark joined GIZ, he worked for the United Nations Environment Programme as the Head of the Central Office of TEEB and the Division for International Nature Conservation of the German Federal Ministry for Environment (BMU) as a coordinator for projects which linked economic and ecologic issues. He holds a Master Degree in Forestry Management. After his graduation, he worked in Europe, southern Africa and southern Asia on natural resource management and nature conservation, focusing on this issue's interconnectedness with economics, poverty alleviation and institutional support programmes.

Silke Schwedes

Silke Schwedes coordinates up-scaling activities of ELD approaches and methodologies. She holds a Master degree in Landscape Ecology and she completed a post-graduation class in Rural Development. Silke is specialized in land use planning, sustainable natural resources management and adaptation to climate change. Before she joined the ELD Secretariat, she worked in West and South Africa as well as in Latin America on long- and short-term assignments in the framework of GIZ and EU-financed projects and later on as project coordinator of a German consulting company. Her focus within the ELD team is on capacity building, cooperation with African research institutions, networking and policy dialogue with view to further raise awareness on the economical dimension of land degradation and desertification.

Lara Beisiegel

Lara Beisiegel works for the ELD Initiative´s Secretariat on communication and implementation tasks. She acquired knowledge in the field of rural development, especially sustainable agricultural value chains, multi-stakeholder initiatives and innovation transfer in different sector and global programs of the GIZ. For her graduation she conducted research in Thailand on behalf of the “Better Rice Initiative Asia”. Besides, she gained work experience in the private sector at the CSR and quality management departments of retail companies. Lara holds a Bachelor´s degree in Food and Nutrition Science and a Master´s degree in Agricultural and Food Economics with specialization on Environmental and Resource Economics as well as Market and Consumer Research.


The ELD Secretariat is hosted by:

Sector Project Soil Protection, Desertification, Sustainable Land Management
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

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