ELD News

ELD film: The Value of Soil

The ELD initiative produced a short information film on the importance of the economics of Land Degradation.The ELD film depicts the value of productive land in provision of ecosystem services and goes on to show the current......more

Piura Regional Directorate of Agriculture supports study on the costs of desertification and land degradation

 Piura, 26 February 2013. – The Regional Directorate of Agriculture of Piura  declared its support for a study on the costs of desertification and land degradation. The purpose of the study is to contribute to the......more

ELD updates

Working groups The ELD Secretariat is now working on formally contracting working group leaders and making resources available for each working group. Working groups are to contribute to a common final report targeting......more

1st and 2nd ELD scientific meeting reports

Reports of the 1st and 2nd Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative scientific meetings:- 1. First meeting, 29 - 30 March, 2012, London - UK Report 2. Second meeting, 1 - 2 October, 2012, Brussels - Belgium......more

Call for proposals for new case studies

This is a call for proposals for new case studies to be commissioned by the ELD initiative. Who can applyThe call for proposal is open to all involved in the economics of land degradation and/or sustainable land......more

Call for existing case studies

This is a call for information on existing case studies, to be referenced on a map on the ELD website and presented at different ELD related fora. The case studies should be linked to the benefits of sustainable land management......more

Opinion from Senior Experts on Land Degradation

Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) 1. What does land degradation mean from your perspective? Land degradation is a great challenge if we consider that nine billion......more

Focus on the economics of land degradation at the first Global Soil week

The first Global Soil Week ended in Berlin last week with a call for a stronger commitment to protect soils and land and prevent their degradation. “These responses cannot be postponed further. We need to act now,” said Klaus......more

Joint meeting on the Economics of Land Degradation - Methodology and Work Group approach

The Economics on Land Degradation Initiative held its second joint meeting in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by the European Commission – DG Environment. The meeting was attended by experts from varied field fields of economics,......more

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