Progress in Niger and Senegal

EU-BMZ-funded project #RegreenAfrica

Methodological workshops for the follow-up of case studies in Niger and Senegal.

In Senegal, the 4 working groups are in the areas of Pata (Katim Touré (ENSA, University of Thiès), Kamb (Talla Gueye and Samba Sow (INP)), Kaffrine (Diaminatou Sanogo (ISRA)), and Mbar Diop (Ibrahima Ndiaye and Mayoro Diop (ESEA)). In Niger, the 4 working groups cover Tillabéri (Fourera Douramane (CNSEE)), Tahoua (Amani Abdou (INRAN)), Maradi (Salifou Nouhou Jangorzo (Maradi University)) and Niger East (Didier Tidjani (Abdou Moumouni Niamey University) ). The discussions during the last working meetings focused on the documentation already compiled, the timetable of the action plan and the different methodologies to be put in place for the valuation of ecosystem services. The group work helped to clarify important aspects of the methodology and to establish a provisional timetable for each case study. The next coordination meeting will take place in November (Dakar: 5-10 / 11 and Niamey: 10-15 / 11).

The Nigerien and Senegalese teams are very involved in the advancement of their economic study cases in order to promote more sustainable practices of land management in Africa.

Left : Contrast management on the site of Yuri, Niger (Photo credits: Emmanuelle Quillérou)
Right : Advanced mining on agricultural land on the site of Mbar Diop, Senegal (Photo credits: Emmanuelle Quillérou)







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