*The ELD Initiative's first Writeshop in Bangkok - A success*

BANGKOK, Thailand, 9 February

The ELD Initiative successfully completed its five day writeshop (2 – 6 February) and subsequent regional meeting (7 February) in Bangkok, Thailand. The goal of the writeshop was to collate and draft content for planned ELD Initiative reports (targeted at the scientific community, private sector, and policy-/decision-makers respectively). The meeting created the opportunity for significant contributions from a variety of perspectives with immediate expert reviews. 30 highly motivated experts from the ELD Initiative’s global network with varied backgrounds (science, policy or private sector) discussed content and structure and drafted chapters within their specific working groups. On the basis of the report structure elaborated during the writeshop, the publication will now be finalised in the course of the next months. This process will be coordinated by the ELD scientific coordination team, in close collaboration with the working groups and is open to contributions from experts from the respective fields. 

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