Soil and Land Leadership Events

11 March 2014 to 13 March 2014

Economics of Land Degradation Private Sector Workshop


I would kindly like to inform you on the Economics of Land Degradation private sector workshop, planed for March 11-12, in Bonn, Germany.

We are closely cooperating with the WBCSD, UNCCD and UN Global Compact so as to ensure that the soil/land-related workshops these two organizations were planning for the first half of 2014 would be jointly prepared and arranged back to back. You are cordially invited to participate and contribute to these three workshops, which will in particular contribute and feed into the ELD private sector report.
Please find below a short description of the three consecutive workshops. In case you would have schedule constraints, you are of course welcome to participate in selected sessions. A formal invitation with a registration link will follow in the next week.
1. ELD for the Private Sector Workshop (from March 11 at 14:00 to March 12 at 14:00)
Following the first ELD Initiative for the private sector kick-off workshop in June 2013, the ELD Initiative is now inviting companies as well as other organizations working in this context to participate in the follow-up workshop, which aims to further define the critical elements that will help companies implement and scale-up solutions to land degradation. This workshop is organized in close collaboration with the WBCSD and will offer participants the opportunity to share their experience in reducing soil degradation and restoring land in the context of their professional activities. Ultimately the workshop will identify companies’ priority list of what is necessary within their sphere of influence for an up-scaling process.
2. UNCCD Soil Leadership Academy Workshop (from March 12 at 14:00 to March 13 at 11:00)
The Soil Leadership Academy is a UNCCD public-private partnership initiative through which the Convention aims to build the capacity of key policy makers and decision takers on sustainable land and soil management issues. The Academy aims to help design and implement policies that lead to the rehabilitation and conservation of land and soil.  This workshop will present the Soil Leadership Academy to all organizations willing to shape the program and will explore the details of the curriculum development.
3. UNGC Principles for Sustainable Soil Management Workshop (March 13, 11:00-18:00)
The UN Global Compact is convening a group of global experts and businesses to develop Global Principles for Sustainable Soil Management to address the economic, environmental and social aspects of soil health and provide context and linkages to relevant global issues. These principles will build on the model of the Food & Agriculture Business Principles to further literacy among key actors and create an awareness of the need to protect our soils through enlightened programs and policy. You are cordially invited to join this important discussion and become part of the development of the Global Principles for Sustainable Soil Principles.


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