Area: 587,041 km²

Geography: Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world. Around 90 % of its flora and fauna is unique and can only be found on the island. A narrow coastal plain, a high plateau and mountains in the center characterize the terrain. Also the climate differs from tropical along the coast, moderate inland to an arid climate in the south. (CIA, 2019)

Land Degradation: Due to deforestation and overgrazing, Madagascar is affected by erosion and soil degradation. In 2010 1.9 million people were living on degrading agricultural land. The annual cost of land degradation in Madagascar is estimated at USD 1.7 billion, which is equal to 23% of the country’s GDP. (UNCCD, 2018)


  • Capacity Building (2019)

    The ELD Initiative supports two studies in Madagascar one for each of the very different eco-regions. Research will be conducted on the base of an learning-by-doing approach in the application of the ELD-methodology. It will be complemented by curricula development.


ELD Secretariat