Area: 44,579,000 km²

Asia holds almost 60 per cent of the world’s population. Of this, nearly 70 per cent live in rural areas depending directly on land and land-based ecosystem services. As a result, Asia is the continent most severely affected by land degradation, desertification and drought in terms of the number of people affected.

Degraded areas on the continent include expanding deserts in mainland China, India, Iran, Mongolia, and Pakistan, the sand dunes of Central Asia, the steeply eroded mountain slopes of Nepal, and the deforested and overgrazed highlands of the Lao People‘s Democratic Republic.

An ELD analysis finds investments in sustainable land management technologies and the achievement of agricultural land degradation neutrality to enable countries to reduce the poverty gap to zero by 2030, increase the total per capita domestic food crop production to 858 kilograms across Asia by 2030 and result in economic growth as well as expansion in the agricultural sector. (ELD Asia Report, 2018)

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