ELD Ambassadors at ESP Hannover and visit in Bonn

After an eventful week at the ESP World Conference in Hanover, where our Ambassadors got many new inputs and made contacts, we invited them to Bonn to get to know the GIZ and the Sector Project BoDeN. Besides our colleagues, also some of our partners from UNCCD and the European Commission joined us for discussion.

Our ambassadors had the opportunity to present their studies within the “Regreening Africa” project, and discuss the future work on promoting sustainable land management and communicating the messages from research to the policy sector.

As our ambassadors are an integral part of the ELD network we are very happy to continue working together with them beyond the Regreening Africa project, which is almost done. The next steps for us are the dissemination workshops in the project countries, where the research results will be presented to decision makers.