ELD in Nairobi

Strategic meeting and training

In July, an ELD network meeting took place in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss the progress within the EU-BMZ-funded project #RegreenAfrica as well as next steps for the Initiative in general and future engagements.

The ELD Initiative is now entering the second phase of the project, in which we will work closely with the training participants and national institutions to provide scientifically credible case studies for each country.

Overall, the ELD will focus stronger on building local capacities for economic valuation also in other countries providing comprehensive training and learning materials. Furthermore, we will actively engage in the international discussion on SDG 15.9 regarding Natural Capital and Natural Capital Accounting contributing to the scientific discourse and collaborating with new institutions to strengthen cross-institutional and cross-sectoral partnerships.

It is the aim of the ELD Initiative to raise awareness for the concept of Natural Capital, integrate it in national accounting, but also promote alternative measurements to the Gross Domestic Product in relation to a transition towards a green economy.

Following the ELD strategic meeting, the ELD Initiative organised the fifth training within the scope of the #RegreenAfrica project in Nairobi for representatives from Kenyan partner institutions.

With representatives from the European Union in Kenya and the World Agroforestry Centre attending the training, we are working hand in hand to make #RegreenAfrica a success story.

Thank you all for this great week. We are looking forward to the next steps building on the work we have achieved in Nairobi.