ELD Initiative at UNCCD COP14 September 2 -13, 2019

From 2nd September onwards the ELD Initiative Secretariat and our partners will host, co-host and also participate in several side events at the 14th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (COP14) in New Delhi, India. 

Among other topics we will present the BMZ/EU co-financed cooperative project of ELD and ICRAF, „Regreening Africa“ and present first results from our case studies in African partner countries as well as training outcomes. You can find a list of all events below. 

The UNCCD’s Conferences of the Parties (COP) is the place where governments agree on strategic and effective land use and sustainable land management goals to ensure that nature and ecosystems can thrive. COP14 will focus on the critical gaps in land management and planning, but also on practical actions to ensure that the successes we are achieving also increase human well-being everywhere. Over 3,000 participants from all over the world are expected to participate in COP14. The Parties to the Convention will agree on the actions for the next two years and beyond to get us on a sustainable development path.


Date & time


Applying the research in development approach to scale land restoration and achieve the Land Degradation Neutrality targets.

3nd September

1300 – 1500h


MET - 06

Economics of Land Degradation: Evaluating the Impact of Land Remediation through the lenses of natural capital and SDGs in the Bundelkhand region in Madhya Pradesh, India

3rd September

1300 – 1430h



Rio Pavillon,

MET - 11


ELD movie – The value of soil


3rd September

1300h – 1315h


Technology Fair



The Economics of Ecosystem Restoration (TEER) Initiative: Developing Comprehensive Measures of Costs and Benefits to Support Decision Making

4th September,

1800h – 2000h


MET - 15




Science Day

5th September

1130h – 1230,

1530h – 1700h


Rio Pavillon,

MET 11


Halting Land Degradation by Scaling-up Proven and Cost-Effective Land Management Practice– Experiences from 8 countries

6th September

0800h – 1000h



Economic evaluation of integrated watershed development related interventions under the risk of climate extremes

11th September

1800 – 2000h


MET - 13