Upcoming ESP wolrd conference in Hannover

From 21st to 25th October the ESP 10 World Conference will take place in Hanover, Germany. ELD Initiative will host a session and be present with ambassadors from eight African countries. Our team will discuss about how to make economics of land management an integral part of policy strategies and decision-making.

The session’s aim is to raise awareness of ELD’s methodological approach, the network and the findings of our case studies. The goal is to highlight the importance of addressing land degradation from an economic point of view and display the political relevance of reversing land degradation.

This year’s theme is “10 years advancing ecosystem services, policy and practice for a sustainable future”, highlighting the 10th anniversary of the conference. In 52 sessions, ESP is expecting more than 600 delegates to present and discuss advances made in the science, policy and practice of ecosystem services.
If you want to participate the ESP10, registrations are open from 28th May to 1st October 2019. The early-bird registration deadline is August 5. The call for sessions is already closed. See www.espconference.org for the conference’s program and further information.