What we do


How we work


Generating evidence and knowledge

We are working on the investment portfolio for planet Earth. By investigating the stocks and flows of ecosystem services, we compare the costs and benefits of an ‘action’ scenario to that of business-as-usual to assess whether land management changes for reducing degradation pressures lead to net benefits. Oftentimes, they do, and so, adopting an evidence-based approach, we make the scientific business case for investing in sustainable land management (SLM) approaches.


Building capacity

ELD is committed to educating and enabling stakeholders to take their own action. Using the knowledge and experience gained through research and policy processes with the ELD network in partner countries, we aim at enabling our partners to take action.


Promoting dialogue

ELD engages in and promotes exchange and collaboration between land-users, researchers and policy-makers to provide essential feedback mechanisms. To foster the translation of economic valuation approaches into policy action against land degradation, strategic alliances between field practitioners, researchers from different disciplines, and policy-/decision-makers across countries are key. The ELD Initiative facilitates and trains for policy dialogues of different stakeholders with the goal to realise the highest possible impact of its research findings and recommendations.​