ELD Newsletter - June 2022

Latest updates from the ELD Initiative, covering events, publications, and more.

Main take-aways from UNCCD COP 15 for ELD

After the two-week meeting on the future of land management, and an active participation of the ELD Initiative partners, there are a number of key messages to take away for ELD.

Study launch on the Economics of harmonizing land-based Rio-targets in Rwanda

The ELD Initiative is launching a groundbreaking study on the economics harmonizing land targets under UNFCCC, UNCCD, and UNCBD in Rwanda.


Who are we?

The Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative works towards integrating the true value of land into decision-making and direct action and investments towards sustainable land management (SLM) and ecosystem restoration.

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How we work

We seek to transform global understanding of the economic value of productive land.

We make the economic case for national governments to invest in sustainable land management.

We build the capacity of people around the world to make an economic case for land in their own countries.