Ambassador Ethiopia

Tasew Tadesse (Ethiopia)

Tasew Tadesse holds a Master’s degree in Development Economics, and a PhD in Economics from the Punjabi University in India. He is an Assistant Professor of Economics and has a vast experience in the role as a senior lecturer and researcher at the Dilla University. He teaches and advises post-graduate students; undertakes research and he is the Dean of the College of Business and Economics. Currently, his ambition is to increase awareness about the costs of land degradation and potential benefits of actions against land degradation among his students, researchers and policymakers. In addition, he aims to establish linkages between universities/research institutions and the policy sector to motivate and facilitate science-policy dialogues regarding the need for a shift of policies towards the promotion of sustainable land management practices. He also strives to lobby for holistic economic valuation in the research and policy community, taking into account the value of ecosystem services.