Ambassador Somalia

Hussein Moalim Iman (Somalia)

Hussein Moalim Iman holds a Master’s Degree in International Agriculture Development from California State University (CALPOLY) at San-Luis Obispo, USA. He has been Senior Advisor of the River-Basin Management for Somalia Water & Land Information Management –(SWALIM) and FAO Liaison Officer for Somalia from 2006-2016. Moreover, he was Director of the Somali Center for Water & Environment, Senior Adviser of UNITAF & UNOSOM Somalia Programs; Team Leader of Oxfam and GIZ programs, lecturer at the Somalia National University, co-founder of the Mogadishu University and Senior Advisor of the Somalia Ministry of Agriculture. Currently, he is Advisor to the national Directorate of Environmentl under the Prime Minister’s Office, and Chief consultant investigating all Public Environmental Institutions. He produced the Somalia National Report on Environmental Management (SNREM).