Ecosystem Services Partnership 

ESP aims to enhance communication, coordination and cooperation, and to build a strong network of individuals and organizations working in the field of ecosystem services. ESP enhances and encourages a diversity of approaches, while reducing unnecessary duplication of efforts in the conceptualization and application of ecosystem services. By raising the profile of ecosystem services and promoting better practice, ESP will also increase opportunities for financial support and help to focus the funding of individual organizations for more efficient utilization of existing funds.

Working groups

ESP facilitates the creation of working groups to create a platform for ecosystem services science, policy and practical application. ESP’s many diverse working groups are divided into thematic, biome and sectoral.

Regional chapters and national networks

ESP hosts twelve regional chapters: they all contain various national networks. Regional chapters and national networks exchange information, discuss ideas and experience on ecosystem services assessment and implementation at regional and national levels.


Since 2008 ESP organises global and regional conferences on the topic of ecosystem services, to facilitate discussion and cooperation amongst those working in the field, and ESP members especially.


ESP offers and facilitates a wide range of services, including networking, data and knowledge sharing, guidelines and toolkits, related journals, and more.