The Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative is a global collaboration to evaluate and raise awareness on the economic benefits of land and land based ecosystems.

What are the economics of land degradation?

Economics of land degradation describes a holistic approach for estimates of the total economic valuation of land and land based ecosystems. The ELD approach covers economic, social and environmental factors as well as the costs and benefits of sustainable land management.

What we do

The ELD Initiative highlights the value of land and its services through research, capacity development, and active knowledge exchange. We provide a global approach for the analysis of the economics of land degradation. Our aim is to ensure that the economic valuation of ecosystem services becomes an integral part of policy strategies and decision-making on land use, land use change and management. Thereby we help countries achieve their Sustainable Development Goals, especially target 15: Life on land.


ELD at the "Gate to Hell" in Iceland

In March 2020, ELD held a workshop in Iceland to assist the national government with a project to valuate ecosystem services in the Hekluskógar reserve.

“Regreening Africa”: Outcome of the Mali dissemination workshop

In January 2020, ELD held a dissemination workshop in Mali to present the results of the ELD Case Study and conduct a policy dialogue within the “Regreening Africa” Project. (EN/FR)

A year in review

ELD Initiative reflects on its achievements in 2019 and provides an outlook for 2020.

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